Madhubani-art heals

‘Madhubani’- a word that reminds us a specific art form also known as Mithila painting. It was named after Madhubani District of Bihar, India which is where it is originated. This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks and using natural dyes and pigments. Yes! All these tools are easily available in our households and every one in ten individuals use these tools to make different art forms which ranges from scribbling on a page, engaging in art and crafts to abstract visual art. Art can be used as a therapeutic technique as it heals wound and the basic concept of art therapy mainly focuses on the process of art making than its product.

We have started this journey of healing process in the memory of our first Psychologist, Ms. MadhubaniSengupta (1992-2020), as an adjunct to Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy.

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