About US

We are a comprehensive psychiatric, neurological and neurometabolic clinic. We treat the BRAIN and try to treat the whole of it. Function of every organ system, all metabolism and all aspects of homeostasis is dependent on brain function. Thus the brain controls the entire body. So every neurological symptom has a corresponding psychiatric symptom and converse is frequently true too. Both the symptoms are reflected by a changed metabolic system of the body. We aim to fix this whole process holistically.

Apart from the clinic based services we organise health camps in different areas of Kolkata and its adjoining areas to generate awareness regarding the integrated concept of HEALTH. Around 150-200 monthly footfalls publicize the quality care we provide to our patients. However, there is still a huge disparity between demand and supply in this area. To lessen the disparity, we have launched a new project 'Let's Learn Together'- Clinical internship to usher knowledge empowerment which will entail into more number of trained hands in the field of mental health.

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